Effects of Smoking and Vaping on Oral Health
People who smoke have a higher risk of gum problems, tooth loss, complications after tooth removal and surgery in the mouth, and developing mouth cancer.

They are more likely to get infections and don’t heal as well as non-smokers.

Quitting smoking improves mouth cancer, reduces the risk of developing gum disease and mouth cancer, and improves the person’s response to gum treatment. It is very important for people who smoke to visit their dentist regularly to keep their teeth and gums healthy and check for signs of mouth cancer.

It is also important for people who vape to visit a dentist regularly to detect and treat any oral health problems. If you vape, make sure to tell your dentist this. Fewer adults smoke now than they used to, but it still remains a problem. The official World of Statistics report as of August 20 2023 stated that Indonesia is the country with the largest number of cigarette smokers in the world. In this report, the number of smokers in Indonesia reached 70.5%.

How does smoking affect teeth, gums and oral health?

The most common oral problems affecting people who smoke are:

  1. Gum (or periodontal) disease.
  2. Mouth cancer.
  3. Whitening of the soft tissue in the mouth (called smoker’s keratosis).
  4. Poor healing after tooth removal (known as a dry socket).
  5. Tooth decay.
  6. Tooth loss.
  7. Poor healing after mouth and gum surgery.
  8. Decreased taste.
  9. Bad taste in the mouth and bad breath (called halitosis).

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